Mixing Things Up

Important Life Things have a way of sneaking up on you while you’re busily tending to other matters. In this case, Mike and I were minding our own business at work and school respectively, and had the audacity to go for a walk and brainstorm about buying a car.

That would be too easy, though. Instead, we’re buying a townhouse.

To be fair, this wasn’t entirely out of the blue. (Just mostly.) We’ll be living in Las Cruces for at least another three years or so, and our one bedroom apartment is both farther from campus than I’d like and a little smaller than we need to sanely hold a living space and two office workspaces. The townhouse we stumbled upon not only solves these problems by being some 1.5 miles from campus on a bike path and having two bedrooms, but has also been outstandingly renovated to be a very “passive home,” right up Mike’s alley.

We’re presently in that crazy, in-between place of “offer has been accepted and closing is about a month away,” so there is lots to take care of and nothing is set in stone yet.

We are also presently finishing up a lovely visit to San Diego. I hadn’t been back since last June, after our wedding and honeymoon but before our Indian adventure. Essentially, we’re here for the end of my spring break. How delightfully cliche! Let me tell you… there are lots of pretty awesome things about this city. Most of them can be summed up in two words: FOOD and COMMUNITY. There are tangential bits, like music and water, but there is nothing like meeting up with good friends over good food (ok, and good drinks).

Between preparing to own a home and visiting a city we used to call home, all while continuing to juggle my other responsibilities, these last few weeks have reminded me:
it is nice to mix things up, and important to enjoy what we have here and now.