Gearing up

This week is “hell week” for Doña Ana Lyric Opera’s production of Die Fledermaus. Guess what? I’m playing in the pit orchestra, and it’s grand. So grand, in fact, that I’m going to share the poster with you and tell you to come to Las Cruces to see it…

Also this week? Lent begins. And thus I will be vegetarian for 40-odd days, beginning tomorrow. I am seriously considering making one exception, however… Mike and I will be visiting San Diego in March, and I would love to indulge in some fish & chips. So, we’ll see. To clarify my dietary choices a bit: I already avoid all red meat (arbitrarily defined as coming from a four-legged animal). Every Lent, I step it up a notch and abstain from all forms of meat. I’ve been doing this since… 2006, I think? Eggs and dairy still find their way to my stomach, but anything that was once a living, breathing animal is not for eating.

These two things (the opera and the going-vegetarian-for-Lent) are both prime examples of something I do because I find meaning in it. They require preparation, foresight, planning, and dedication above and beyond what I do in my default day-to-day. Sometimes things of this nature clash with other areas of my life. But when that happens, I remind myself that they are fleeting. They increase my appreciation of the world. They give me a fresh, new perspective for a time. And they are worth it.