I am such a good, consistent blogger. (Not.)

I seem to have missed Thanksgiving, but it was awesome, as it usually is. Even just a short trip to Seattle reminds me that the world is bigger than my daily commute and that family is one of the most important things. It is a fitting way to start the Season of Advent.

Oh yes – Happy Advent! The season we all tend to skip over in a rush to have Christmas.

Personally, I enjoy waiting to put up the Christmas decorations until we’re well into December, and I prefer to celebrate Christmas when it is actually Christmas: December 25 – January 5. That puts me in the minority among Christmas-celebrators, but I really don’t think seasons should be rushed. People don’t wish you “happy birthday!” until your actual birthday, or perhaps a few days before. Churches don’t celebrate Easter early, because it’s still Lent. And try as you might, you can’t make it summer in April.

Seasons of all kinds are an invitation to live in the present moment. You simply can’t create them on a whim – the right amount of time must pass first. It’s an adventure, because you aren’t in control. Which of course brings us to the present season: Advent. Adventure.

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas or church seasons, I invite you to take some time and enjoy the many different kinds of seasons you are celebrating, here and now.


2 thoughts on “Advent(ure)

  1. “And try as you might, you can’t make it summer in April.”

    Disagree. Moving to SoCal = summer most of the year, including April. :)

    • Which is precisely why living in California messed with my sense of time passage so much!

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