Kitty photoshoot

If all is well with the felines, not too much can be amiss among their humans.

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I think Lily and Sirius would agree that life is good.

Lately our weeks have been full yet fulfilling; our weekends lazy yet adventuresome. It’s a fine mix. Mike began a new job in Las Cruces at Sunspot Solar Energy, and he is also starting his own consulting business on the side. I am enjoying my second year of the astronomy PhD program at NMSU and continuing to play viola. I also recently expanded my musical horizons into electric violin when prompted by some musicians at church! It is remarkably easy to produce a good sound, but challenging to correctly place my fingers and transpose on the fly. Don’t worry, though – my heart is still in the viola.

Some other highlights from the past several weeks…

  • I celebrated my 25th birthday and Mike helped me throw an awesome pool party with pizza and ice cream cake for all my astronomy grad student friends.
  • I passed my fifth “cume” exam. My PhD program requires students to pass six exams in your first 2.5 years (there are 4-5 exams each semester). You keep taking them until you pass six. Only one to go!
  • Our good friend from camp randomly drove down to visit us for a weekend after I heard he was in Albuquerque for a few days. We played lots of Settlers of Catan, and went to White Sands.
  • Mike and I attended a retreat weekend with our new church family at a truly bizarre camp run by Nazarenes north of Ruidoso, called Bonita Park. We had a good time, punctuated with a lot of strange reminders about both Episcopalian demographics and how progressive my Christianity is.
  • We drove to Tucson over a long weekend to visit Mike’s grandmother on her 93rd birthday. We had a lot of fun with Mike’s parents, aunt, and uncle (who flew in from Holland!). We also squeezed in lunch with some of the folks who run the summer program in India that I participated in, and visited briefly with Mike’s friend Simon.

And now you are all caught up on our lives! Next weekend, Mike and I will celebrate six years of being together, just a few weeks shy of six months married. The Time, It Flies.


4 thoughts on “Kitty photoshoot

    • Can’t disagree. But now I kind of want a 5-string electric viola, i.e. the best of all possible worlds, and those things are both expensive and hard to come by!

  1. Also, about 75% of the people I went to highschool with are Nazarene. I don’t think there’s any way you could possibly get further from Episcopalian on the Christianity spectrum.

    • Yeah. They have a tally of “born again,” “new believers,” etc. up in the camp dining hall. WTF. Did I tell you about how horrible the food there was, and how they served it all on styrofoam? Ugh. I think if they have the retreat there next year, I will bring a case of wine and if they try to kick me out I’ll start quoting bible verses about how Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine.

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