Ah, New Mexico

We’ve been back in Las Cruces for a couple of weeks now. But, believe it or not, it takes a couple of weeks to get one’s life back in order after traveling for three months! It is so strange to dive right back into the life I left here. The one I had before I married Mike, before I traveled to India, and certainly before we visited Paris and Camp Cross on our circuitous route back… home.

First: Good Lord is it hot outside.
And: It is a joy to have Mike here.

Our travel from Paris to the shores of Lake Coeur d’Alene earlier this month was not for the feint of heart. Hell, nothing we’ve done this year was really for the feint of heart! But it is difficult to express how long a 33-hour day really is. One where you wake up at 7am at a hotel in Paris, haul your luggage down the concrete steps to an RER train and ride to the airport, play terminal labyrinth 2E edition, race to the boarding area because the luggage and security lines took forever, endure a 10.5 hour plane ride with two meals and many movies, land in Seattle shortly before noon, juggle your luggage again, eat some Ivar’s, scrounge up some fresh boarding passes, take a puddlejumper to Spokane, lose your luggage, meet up with a friend driving the Camp Cross van, wait for the next flight that has 3/4 of your luggage, explain to Alaska Airlines how to drive the missing 1/4 to a dock two hours away in Idaho, ride said two hours to camp yourself, reunite with friends – some of whom have had an unknowingly large impact on your life and who you haven’t seen in ten years, eat dinner (again?), haul your stuff up a hill, sit through two hours of rules/expectations/program for the upcoming week, retrieve the missing suitcase from a thoroughly lost driver, sit through probably one of the most epic set of songs at campfire in many years, and finally fall asleep at midnight.

Yeah, the day was at least as long as that sentence. The week that followed was… well, it was camp! Mike and I both counseled small groups of high schoolers and helped facilitate a killer program. We got to go tubing together, and we donned some Indian attire for the fancy, “classic Hollywood”-themed dance on the final evening.

We spent a lovely couple of days with friends in the Spokane area, and then flew back to New Mexico on August 15, precisely three days before fall semester classes began.

Our cats are alive and well! Our bedroom was overrun with boxes – some we shipped to ourselves mid-journey, but most were wedding gifts that have been piling up since the day we left in May. We’ve finally settled back in to what I guess one calls “normal life” in these parts, and it is great fun to have a bunch of astronomy friends living in our same apartment complex.

Life lessons:

  1. It is nice to be done living out of a suitcase.
  2. I still think the western world needs paneer, but then, the eastern world also needs burritos.
  3. Creature comforts are not overrated.

Now if someone could just crank the temperature from “inferno” to “reasonable,” we’d be all set.