On bathrooms

Thus far in Bangalore, I have had the good fortune to always encounter a western-style toilet when the need arises. I fear I may not be so lucky when we travel to a couple different places the next two weekends, but believe me, my fingers are crossed!

The caveat, of course, is that one must always carry toilet paper. And be prepared to use it to wipe down a thoroughly soaked toilet seat before sitting. I honestly have no idea how people (and women, in particular) can use a toilet, splash some water around, and go on their merry way. Um, dripping wet, much? I guess in a humid climate without A/C you’re always dripping? Regardless, this seems to be the preferred technique, at least judging by the ubiquity of butt hoses and distinct lack of TP.

For more insights on this all-important topic, including a photographic example of the aforementioned “butt hose,” check out this blog post I stumbled across.