India: Impressions

Great things about India:

  • Mike is here with me.
  • Everything I need is within walking distance.
  • Curry curry curry all the time!
  • Food is cheap. No, pretty much everything is cheap, actually.
  • A multitude of vegetarian options is the norm.
  • Tasty and plentiful tea.

Random things about India:

  • Getting here from the US is no trivial matter. (Stopover in Paris!)
  • We get the royal treatment in public. It’s odd, and can be unsettling.
  • Pizza Hut menu has “Chicken Tikka Makhani” and “Paneer El Rancho.”
  • Many buildings have solar water heaters.
  • There are at least seven distinct types of honk (all are used liberally).
  • I do not fully understand the ubiquitous head wobble.

Not so great things about India:

  • BYOTP. And pray for a western toilet with a toilet seat.
  • Using my iPhone for data and texting is needlessly expensive.
  • They’re still figuring out what the internet is and how to use it.
  • Infrastructure fail, routine power flickers, etc.
  • Traffic. WTF.
  • “Walking distance” sounds nice, but always involves real-life Frogger.

And with that brief introduction, here are some pictures.


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