Forging old connections

Normally one forges new things, yes? Well, during my brief visit to Richland this long weekend, I have had the pleasure to see many old friends, and to re-forge old connections with them. My deepest thanks goes out to my old Girl Scout troop leaders for organizing a fantastic bridal shower.

It was deeply moving to have so many people who care about me gathered in one room, recalling how we came into one another’s lives and catching up and celebrating our relationships. I have a feeling my wedding is going to be several orders of magnitude more powerful in this regard, which is difficult to fathom!

Group shot at my bridal shower

I also visited with Dad and Lynne, who I saw only briefly last Thanksgiving. And I had a lovely dinner tonight with an old friend who wasn’t able to make it to the bridal shower. Like most guests at the shower, I hadn’t seen her in over a year. Thai food and nonstop conversation is a beautiful thing. :)

In sum, it was very nice to have a few unstructured days here. (Tomorrow I head to San Diego to visit Mike.) It is silly that we only find the time to gather friends and family together for occasions such as weddings and holidays. It brings to mind a short poem I wrote many years ago (edited from memory):

I want to gather
each person I have known
every individual I admire
into one room
vast and unadorned
I just want to watch