Mike is on a plane to San Diego right now
and I turned in my effing N-body program this afternoon
after days of pain and segfaults
and we almost didn’t get Mike to the airport in time
because El Paso really sucks
and en route the front left turn signal decided to fall out
(now it lives in the median of I-10; RIP turn signal)
and the body shop I was referred to isn’t open after 5pm
but at least the rear turn signal works
and my carpet is dry now
–they even claim they’re going to clean it tomorrow–
yet I simply have loads to do this week
beginning right now, with grading (see?)
and a presentation on Thursday that I haven’t started yet
and everybody is going to a cabin in Ruidoso this weekend
at which I will address all my wedding invitations
so they can be mailed this month
meanwhile, Mike doesn’t have a job here yet
which really sucks because we are tired of not being in the same place
so taking a month off for our wedding and honeymoon in May will not be trivial
and instead of living a semi-sane married life come June
I will probably be going to India for two months for a summer research program
that I learned I was accepted to this afternoon
(which is totally awesome!!!)
but I also think I’m nuts sometimes.


2 thoughts on “Snapshot

  1. *hugs*

    Where is your program going to be? I spent a summer in Bangalore and became friends with some other American ex-pats who were doing an astronomy summer program there.

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