three stages of dinner

1. I decide to be a good person, prepare my own food, and not just eat chips and salsa.

2. I realize I have some salad in the fridge that needs eating… what goes with salad… pasta!

3. Once the pasta makings are out, I frown and decide I would rather have something else, like a quesadilla, which means I need to chop up some onion and tomato, and if I’m doing that, I may as well make guacamole with these two here avocados, because that goes with a quesadilla, and if I’m making guacamole I’d better have some of this new awesome salsa with the chips I just bought, and if I’m eating all that I won’t really have room for a salad.

Dinner: chips and salsa. (And a quesadilla with guacamole.)


2 thoughts on “three stages of dinner

  1. At least you had a quesadilla?
    Do I need to ship you a box full of easy meals? (Although, I’m not sure how to get much easier than salad and pasta…)

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