curry and dresses

…is the answer to what’s been happening in Kansas City.

Shahi paneer is heaven on a plate, and panang curry isn’t bad either, and that’s only the start of it. I am so very fond of eating out, for a myriad of reasons I’m not going to delve into right now. Let’s just say it’s delicious, and a very fun way to spend time in the company of friends.

I officially have a wedding dress! It is all fitted to me, and after a couple minor tweaks it will be completely set and ready to mail off to San Diego. Goal: don’t gain (any) or lose (much) weight between now and May. I also selected bridesmaid dresses and went with Aunt Pam to find a dress for her pseudo-mother-of-the-bride role.

Because I wasn’t traveling around quite enough, Mike and I decided to rent a car and drive over to Champaign, Illinois to visit our friends Karen and David for a long new year weekend. With Pam’s mad negotiating skills, we somehow got a cute little Nissan Versa that allowed me to drive at no extra cost (I’m not 25 yet!). It was about a 7 hour drive of boring each way, but Mike and I really enjoyed getting some “just us” time while traveling. And I officially want a Nissan Versa and/or Honda Fit type car that is either electric or plug-in hybrid.

So, Happy 2011! This year, I’m getting married. Wow. Life is pretty crazy awesome.


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  1. Fight back against the lure of small cars. Get a nice big truck instead. Like a F-350. Or a Dodge Ram 3500. Yesssss.

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