Lazy week

Every now and then I need a lazy week. You know, the type where I sleep until at least 10am and forget to eat until well after 1pm. An excellent contrast to the madness of finals week. I can totally relate to Lily here:

Last night, Mike, Mike’s roommate Kris, and I went to Lessons & Carols presented at St. Paul’s Cathedral here in San Diego. It was so awesome. Too often, Christmas music leaves a bad taste in my mouth because it is overly popularized, played too early in the season, or done boringly. Not so last night. Anything on or after the Fourth Sunday of Advent is fair game, I have conceded, and bonus points if it is live.

Like I said before, I haven’t been doing much. We’re taking turns opening a Lego advent calendar, so there’s that. And food is delicious. I’ve done a few wedding-related things, and petted Kris’ cat a lot. Watched some more Stargate: SG-1 on Netflix. It’s been good.

One disappointing fact was the cancellation of Stargate: Universe. Not too long ago, SyFy also canceled Caprica. Now, neither of these shows were the best ever, but they were quality shows with good writing, interesting characters, and serious potential for future seasons. Instead, the SyFy channel decides to broadcast… wrestling. And other not-very-science-fictional shows. They claim it was a ratings-based decision, but you know what? The core audience for science fiction shows is going to watch them in a way that does not involve a cable subscription and sitting through advertisements at a pre-determined time each week. Sorry, but there you have it. The SyFy website lets you watch recent episodes online, and there are things like Hulu and Netflix, not to mention TiVo and other DVRs. As I understand it, none of these viewing methods count toward ratings. Which is, to put it mildly, stupid.

This nonsense seems analogous to the following fictional scenario: “We want to see how popular our new book is, so let’s count the number of sales. Only we’ll ignore people who buy the book online, or people who pay for an ebook. Then if the sales aren’t so good, we’ll stop publishing the book.” Well, guess what. People who use the internet do still enjoy quality entertainment. Get with the times, folks, and stop pulling a Firefly on the best current sci-fi shows out there.

Well, that was fun. I think it’s time to go back to doing nothing for the evening. Apparently Mike is making a peanut sauce recipe for chicken that… doesn’t involve peanuts. Right.