Remiss much?

I must admit, every spare moment as of late that isn’t siphoned off into reading other blogs and poking around facebook has been diverted toward wedding planning. That hasn’t left much time for me to blather on about… whatever it is I feel like blathering on about here at my blog.

That doesn’t mean life isn’t carrying on, and doing so with gusto. I spent a fantastic Thanksgiving with Mike and his family in Seattle, and my dad and Lynne even stopped by for a couple of days to join the fun. They will be spending Christmas in Mexico this year, quite randomly, so felt that swinging by Seattle to see me pre-Christmas was well justified. And it’s funny… Mike’s and my parental-types had only met briefly a couple of times, but I just knew everyone would get along fine. Beyond fine! Case in point: apparently Mike’s folks are traveling to Maui right about now, and Dad and Lynne will overlap with them there for a couple of days, so they decided to try and meet up (without any prompting from Mike or me).

Thanksgiving was a glorious week with Mike and ridiculous amounts of food – hey, I have a lot to make up for here what with a dearth of Chipotle, In-n-out, Pinkberry, decent Indian, and ubiquitous Thai. Mike and I played board games with friends in San Diego, tasted and selected wedding cake, and had a fun time with Kris and his cat Coda. We then flew up to Seattle, celebrated Thanksgiving with a record of 11 people, went for a soggy but beautiful walk, saw Harry Potter 7.1 on the Boeing IMAX, experienced Harry Potter: The Exhibition, and decorated the traditional Bigelow “turkey cookies.”

Now a quick two weeks back in Las Cruces are blazing by and before I know it I’ll be back in San Diego. I have tons of the usual to accomplish… grading, finals, two huge programming projects, a paper to publish for reals this time.

Life is just so awesome right now, and I never want to forget how that feels. No matter how much work looms ahead. I have a hunch that the longest times spent away from Mike are finally behind me for a while, and very little can top that. I have so much to be thankful for.