Excursions, and grading

The former is awesome. The latter, less so.

I’ve been to White Sands National Monument twice in the last week or so – yesterday with Aunt Pam and the previous Saturday with Mike. A beautiful place and well worth a visit if you’re ever in the area.

Basically the best beach ever, only lacking water.

On the other hand, grading takes forever, and ruins what would otherwise be a perfectly lovely evening.

In perks, however, there is now a Netflix iPhone app, which means I can watch Stargate SG-1 (my most recent discovery) anywhere I want. Having Pandora radio in my pocket was already blowing my mind; this is better. I await the day we all have roll-up-able 20″ screens interfacing with our biology (e.g. virtual headphones) that are more powerful than today’s supercomputers.

Until then, there’s plenty of grading to keep me busy. Not to mention awesome astronomy, and gypsum sand, and visitors. Superb!


One thought on “Excursions, and grading

  1. I wanna go to White Sands ….

    And while I like the iphone netflix ap, I’m afraid of using it, because I’m afraid once I start, I’ll be sucked in forever.

    Did you know people used to entertain themselves and play outside? Weird right.

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