More on science and religion

I could have written this. (Well, aside from the fact that the author already has her PhD in astronomy.)

You really should take a moment to go and read it if you’re at all curious as to how I interpret the world.

In other news, my first day of classes at NMSU was today, and I do think this will be a busy semester, but not deathly busy. And that is A Good Thing.


One thought on “More on science and religion

  1. I like the article. I recently got into a debate with some friends about various aspects of religion where I was attempting to argue the point that if we really want to believe something, we have to accept the fact that we could be wrong about our beliefs. Not that we don’t (very strongly) believe it, but just that we might be wrong. They didn’t understand me at all. I wish I could’ve shown them that article.

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