Wait, where?

Last week at Camp Cross was amazing. I expected it to be amazing, but it is always surprising to see just how that amazingness transpires. Few communities can compare to camp, and I am ever so thankful for my re-filled cup.

I’m less full of sleep, though. My week counseling at camp started with a 6:30 am flight on Saturday, August 7 and ended with three hours of sleep on the final Friday night when I stayed up until nearly 4 am to write letters to all my campers. I then flew to San Diego, and Mike and I spent yesterday (Sunday) driving our kitties to Las Cruces. We ate at an In-n-Out in Yuma for lunch and a Chipotle in Tucson for dinner, and met up briefly with our friend Simon who was in Mike’s class at Harvey Mudd at said Chipotle. Simon will be Mike’s best man at our wedding, and it was great to see him!

For the record, neither In-n-Out nor Chipotle cared or noticed when we waltzed in with two kitties in carriers. Traveling with cats is something else, but they were real troopers, and didn’t complain too much. Leaving them in the car as we ate was not an option as it was well over 100 degrees for most of the drive. Once we arrived a bit before midnight, we let them explore the bathroom for an hour or so before giving them reign of the apartment. They took in stride.

An aside: the two best purchases I’ve made this year, save perhaps wedding-related items, are (1) the $400 plane ticket between San Diego and Spokane to attend Camp Cross and (2) the nearly $2000 air conditioner for the minivan.

Now I’m sitting at an excruciatingly boring orientation. I already took the online test you have to pass to prove you attended. I guess I’m learning a bit about the university, but nothing I couldn’t find on the website. I have a serious leg up having already been a TA and dealt with grad school logistics. Mike is flying back to San Diego this afternoon, and I think I’m going to ditch the afternoon portion of orientation in favor of driving him to the El Paso airport myself. I’m going to miss him dearly.

I suppose this is all becoming real. Weird. But it’s life – real life, even – and it is for living. I’m excited to get involved and start building a new community in this new universe.