Address fail

Number of emails I have received from my bank in the past week informing me that I have changed my contact information: 7
Number of times I changed my contact information online: 1
Phone calls I was forced to make when a new credit card was sent, out of the blue, to my CA address with my NM apartment number: 1

This explains my life pretty clearly as of late.

The move of stuff to Las Cruces went well, minus a monsoon and a time zone and two hours of bonus layover time in Phoenix on the way home. The whole U-Haul adventure phenomenon is a funny thing, and one I’m sure I’ll experience many more times. A word to the wise: wrap everything in plastic if there is even the tiniest chance you might encounter rain. Sadly, U-Hauls are not waterproof, and our mattress got a little damp. It’s fine now.

My new apartment - please ignore the pile of boxes.

Leave a comment or shoot me an email if you’d like my new address. It’s listed on facebook for those of you who are so inclined. You non-facebook-types are also missing out on more photos and a video tour of my new apartment, so I can send those along by request as well. (Or you could just, you know, join facebook.)

After a couple more days in San Diego I’ll be up at Camp Cross to counsel Senior High, and I can’t think of a better way to spend a “buffer week” between universes. I just wish my Saturday morning flight wasn’t at 6:30 am.

Oh! I visited the NMSU astronomy department on Monday and claimed a desk in an office that will have two other people in it. (Plus two other people in an office connected to my office.) I’m super excited because… my office has windows! I was afraid I’d be doomed to spend the next year or two of my life in a windowless dungeon, which I know from experience doesn’t work well for me. There is also a ginormous table, literally bigger (and sturdier, and more useless) than a twin bed bunk in my new office. So that’s fun. I think we should chuck it and put a sofa there, but one thing at a time. I also met with one of my two initial faculty advisers, and when he learned I had already registered for classes online he was all “well I have nothing to advise you about, then!” I think he’ll be fun to work with. I’ll be teaching one or two lab sessions, taking three classes plus a seminar, and maybe dabbling in research.

I’m quite excited to dive into life in New Mexico; I only wish Mike was joining me from the outset. I’m extremely close to publishing my first paper with my SDSU adviser, and I got my Master’s diploma in the mail a week or so ago. All that plus moving and wedding planning (which is unofficially on hold for a little bit) makes for quite the adventure. Exciting things, and all testaments that life continues at its own pace and with its own agenda.