Packing and moving

It always takes so much longer to box everything up than expected.

The process isn’t helped by the fact that Mike and/or I will still be living in this apartment for another few weeks. Can’t pack all the toilet paper, can’t pack all the plates, can’t pack all the soap, can’t pack any of the cat stuff. Complicated.

Here is what my next few weeks looks like, in three acts.

Tomorrow: Mr. U-Haul arrives and gets loaded. Friday: driving to Tucson and visiting Mike’s grandmother. Saturday: driving to Las Cruces and unloading. Sunday: more unloading. Monday: flying back to San Diego.

Tuesday-Friday: sitting in an empty apartment. Saturday: flying to Spokane. Sunday-Saturday: CAMP CROSS SENIOR HIGH!! Also Saturday: flying back to San Diego. Note: I’m still in need of transportation from and to the Spokane airport.

Sunday: driving to Las Cruces in the minivan in one day with the kitties. (That’ll be fun.) Monday: NMSU graduate orientation; Mike flies back to San Diego. Tuesday: high speed internet installation. Thursday: first day of class. Friday: Las Cruces Symphony audition.

Here we go…

(I’d be more excited if my kitchen would pack itself, and if Mike was coming with me to New Mexico. One of those things is more influential than the other.)


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