I’ve been so busy doing nothing I haven’t had the time to update my blog!

…hmm, yeah, that’s a pretty terrible excuse. Doesn’t make it any less accurate.

Anyway. We’re headed out to visit Las Cruces for a long weekend, so stay tuned for pictures and stories and adventures. Because wherever we go, adventures soon follow. I’m excited to take my iPhone on an airplane trip for the first time! (And to see where I’ll be living for the next five or so years.)

For those on the edge of your seat, you’ll be happy to know I’ve selected a new backpack. Check it out here. It meets every requirement from my previous post, except it has a silly chest strap thingy. But I plan to ignore it, and possibly surgically remove it. It also has a removable hip strap. Emphasis on removable. But the capacity is huge, apparently because it’s geared toward snowboarders. Whatever. Hauling my laptop into the local REI and shoving it into anything and everything that could be classified as a backpack was an amusing experience, especially when it fit into packs advertising they could hold a 15″ laptop but didn’t fit into some geared toward 17″ laptops.

There really is no substitute for seeing things in person, be it backpacks or cities in New Mexico. (See what I did there?) Onward!


3 thoughts on “Outbound

  1. Given the amount of stuff you normally put in your backpack, maybe using the other straps would be good for you/your back. Just a thought. =]

    Have a great trip to New Mexico!

  2. Wait, what? You have to spend another 5 years on your Ph.D. on top of your masters?

    • Quite possibly. I could probably do it in four, but I believe the average time to completion is 5-6 years. A lot of that depends on the availability of observations for whatever research I want to do, plus only a few of the courses I took at SDSU will directly transfer. I feel much more like I’m going in with a wider exposure to the field than with two years behind me, if that makes any sense.

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