Nothing Much

I had hoped to have my next post be something along the lines of “yay!  I got into [insert PhD program here]!”  But, no such luck. Four schools are still in the running.  It’s frustrating to think that regardless of my experience and sincere interest in all things astronomy, it is distinctly likely that my subpar Physics GRE score will keep all the doors closed.  If that should happen, I suppose it will be time to search for a window.  To be fair, most of these programs are receiving more than 100 applications for fewer than 10 spots.  Guess I should stay away from Vegas…

Anyway.  It is March!  How did that happen, exactly?  Here, go look at some photos I took in February.  And January, if you like.

In spite of not knowing what my future holds (who does, anyway?), life is going quite well!  Mike and I had a very fun weekend with his folks in town – visitors is always a great excuse to go out to eat.  Lent began not too long ago, so I’m completely vegetarian for the time being, but it’s heartening to know that so many restaurants offer such delicious vegetarian options.  (Most of the year I do eat poultry and fish – I call it my “no four-legged animal” diet because people protest that pork is not red meat if I say I don’t eat red meat.  Nitpickers.)  One new place we tried out was called Pomegranate, which serves Russian-Georgian cuisine.  Great atmosphere and tasty food.

Speaking of food I think I need to go eat dinner now because there are very tasty smells coming from the direction of the kitchen… perhaps soon I will post my thoughts about having an iPhone.  In a nutshell, it’s extremely convenient and I am trying very hard to not be one of those people who is oblivious to the outside world and turns walking into a slow-motion collision course.  I also refuse to touch it while driving.  It’s amazing how pervasive iPhones have become.  But, like I said, dinner.  More on iPhones for another day.