Holiday Card

Belated, yes.  But in case we missed you, here’s the gist of what Mike and I sent out to a bunch of our friends and family last week.  Think of it as an early Valentine’s card if that makes you feel better.  And if you want one next year, send me your address (and then stay put, dangit!  Too many of our friends keep moving from year to year… not that I’m exactly one to talk).  Anyway, here you go.

Greetings to our family and friends! We hope our belated card finds you enjoying 2010.

2009 was a great year for Mike and me. It has been a ton of fun living together and having each other around on a regular basis. This past year, we’ve explored more of San Diego and also taken many opportunities to visit family and friends. We spent Thanksgiving with Mike’s family in Seattle and Christmas with my family in Richland. I spent most of August bouncing between Camp Cross (on Lake Coeur d’Alene in Idaho) and Telegraph Cove (on northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia), where my dad is building a house. We also welcomed two kitties to our home in 2009: Lily, the multicolored one, and Sirius, the black one. I grew up with cats, so this was high on my list. When Mike expressed a desire for a pet dragon without the scales or fire breath, I knew we were saying the same thing. :)

This past year, I continued working toward my MS in Astronomy at San Diego State. On top of classes and research, I taught an intro lab course that was very rewarding. I also began work on my Master’s thesis, which deals with a low-mass neutron star in an X-ray binary, and I just presented a poster at the American Astronomical Society meeting. I’m on track to finish up in May and have applied to several PhD programs – so cross your fingers! I also continue to play viola in the La Jolla Symphony, and we have been enjoying the fellowship of the young adult group at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral. We don’t know where we’ll be next year when we sit down to write to all of you, but we do know that we are blessed to have you in our lives and would love any excuse to see or hear from you. Now, here’s Mike.

Know what the best way is to start the new year? A new job at the California Center for Sustainable Energy! I got my start in the Solar Water Heating Pilot Program and California Solar Initiative helping people go solar. After six months, I was promoted to Energy Engineer to help with energy efficiency and green buildings. In short, it’s what I really want to do right now.

It wasn’t all work and no play though. Meredith made sure we kept doing fun things like going to Disneyland for my birthday, and seeing the Battlestar Galactica Orchestra in concert at the House of Blues. Both of these were a total surprise, and let me say flat out ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF. In October, we once again participated in the Great Urban Race. Think of a scavenger hunt whose clues are riddles that take costumed participants all over San Diego, on foot and via public transit. Meredith and I represented the crew of the Battlestar Galactica, and totally dominated the race. By which I mean finished in the top 100 with friends from church and had a ton of fun.

We rounded out the year with a string of parties with friends from all over. The blowout was a New Year’s party with a wine tasting contest! The best part was ringing in the New Year with the Space Needle on “TV” since no local stations had an internet feed on the San Diego countdown. It was a great taste of my beloved home city shared with great friends.

We wish you all the best in the new year and decade!

With love, Mike & Meredith