Ahoy, Rainstorm!

Not much of any depth to share today, I just don’t want to become one of those people who never updates my blog.  Then when they do, it’s just pictures of their cats.  I mean, who does that?

Lily and Sirius, looking altogether too dignified

Lilybelly and Sirius T. Butt

So, um, anyway, it’s been raining a lot lately.

Actually, the AAS meeting in DC was fantastic, and I am very close to submitting a paper based on last year’s poster.  Hopefully the turnaround for the paper based on this year’s poster won’t be quite as long.  It really was a good time, though – highlights included an average of two drinks per night (most of them not paid for by me), attending the banquet at the Air & Space Museum (for free!), dragging myself out of bed for the morning talks (some days more successfully than others), the biggest slice of pizza EVER (no, seriously – and at 3am to boot), and Southwest not screwing up my return flight (even though I had a stopover in snowy Chicago).

Now I’m firmly back in San Diego.  It was all warm and sunny, but now we are having our Annual Ginormous Rainstorm In Which All Native Californians Exclaim “This Never Happens!”  Also, the roads become lakes (if they’re level) and rivers (if they’re not).  None of the engineers here ever learned how to slope pavement toward a drain.

I dodged jury duty last week by showing up and sitting there from 7:45am – 2:30pm.  Everybody remaining was then told to leave.  I definitely feel like I contributed to the cause of justice.

The spring semester at SDSU started up just yesterday, and it’s strange going back to a relatively light workload after last semester (which was borderline Mudd-esque in terms of busy-ness at times).  I have just two classes and research.  I suppose that’s a good thing for the research, and for my sleep schedule.  Still, I legitimately enjoyed teaching for the last two semesters, and I miss it – to make a long story short, there wasn’t enough funding to rehire me.  I also enjoyed juggling three classes, teaching, and research, because it forced me to use my time efficiently and wisely.  There is a golden level of busy-ness that is very hard to achieve; too often one lands on the “bored and lazy” side or the “overcommitted and stressed out” side.  But in that golden sliver lies the most enjoyment gained for effort input.  It’s when you’re so absorbed in what you’re doing that it’s inherently productive and rewarding, but not detrimental to the rest of your life.  Last semester was the closest I’d been to that place since Mudd.

And tomorrow I’m going to San Francisco for the weekend!  Because, why not?

With that, I leave you my favorite photo thus far from my new camera.

Playing "Puerto Rico" with Mudders


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  1. “Annual Ginormous Rainstorm In Which All Native Californians Exclaim “This Never Happens!””


    • To their credit, maybe they weren’t *completely* lying (see link). But still! It’s definitely an annual event.


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