New Year, New Airline

United may break guitars, but Southwest kills kittens.

Allow me to elaborate.  See, I’m supposed to be on an airplane right now, but I’m not.  Here’s why.

I stood in this line, which stretches the entire length of the terminal and back again, for some 1 1/2 hours this morning beginning around 5:30am.  I then got to the baggage check counter after my flight had already departed.  Airline fail.  And the best part?  Everybody around me was also out of luck, because their flights were within 20 minutes of mine and there’s no way they made it.  Somehow, I don’t think this is a good business model for Southwest.

Now I have the privilege of sitting in the lovely San Diego airport for six hours, two of which I will probably spend standing in line again to check my bag, because they won’t take it more than four hours before my new departure time.  I’m thankful I was able to rebook, but I am still steaming over the $170 it cost me.  I made a point to show up on time and I still got screwed.

I sincerely hope your New Year and travel plans are going more smoothly than mine.  The good news is that I finished (and printed!) my poster for the AAS meeting I’m trying to get to, and I finished my PhD applications last night.  I also have a power outlet and free internet access (thanks Google overlords!), so I suppose life could be worse.


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  1. Something is horribly wrong with this picture and, oddly, it’s not the random Christmas wreaths hanging off the sign at top. Like they couldn’t tell something was NOT working?

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