That means I should probably be preparing for the Physics GRE, contacting letter writers for recommendations, and keeping up with all my grading and homework and research.


Well, at any rate, I played with the La Jolla Symphony in two wonderful concerts this weekend!  We performed Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, two pieces by Bartok, and a set of three modern pieces by a guy named Golijov.  It was all very good music, for lack of a better description, and it went very well.  I absolutely love being part of a musical ensemble.

Last Thursday, I surprised Mike with a fancy dinner out followed by a gondola ride (complete with chocolate dipped strawberries and wine).  In turn, he surprised me with a dozen red roses!  All this was in celebration of four years of fun-filled adventures together. :)

One such adventure took place a week ago Saturday.  We dominated San Diego’s Great Urban Race with some friends from church.  We placed in the 90s (out of nearly 400 pairs who finished) and had a blast running around San Diego like idiots Battlestar Galactica crew members.  We got to eat pancakes, shave balloons, fold origami, apply temporary tattoos, drive GoCars across a parking lot, braid a long strand of ribbon, and track down and photograph many random landmarks.

Speaking of Battlestar Galactica… we watched “The Plan” yesterday and it was quite excellent.  The music alone was superb, of course, but seeing many events from Season 1 from the cylons’ point of view was fascinating.  A warning, though – one should NOT watch “The Plan” until one has seen the entire BSG series, save perhaps the very final episode (“Daybreak”).  It would basically be like reading Harry Potter 7 first.

With that, I’m off to eat some food and collapse.  It really is a shame that SDSU doesn’t do Fall Break, because I’m well overdue for one… despite all the above non-work-related fun, I’ve been managing probably 80% Mudd Average Workload lately.  I think 0.8 MAW would be a nice way to quantify that, shorthand.  Happy November!


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