Rummage Sale

I just spent my entire weekend helping execute a huge rummage sale at our church.  We raised nearly $3000 for Dorcas House, a foster home in Tijuana for some 40 kids whose parents are in prison.  The effort was tremendous and paid off hugely, and while I am definitely exhausted, it was really powerful to see how a small group of 20 and 30 somethings with an idea can pull off something this important.

In other news, we have our minivan back, and it runs so smoothly!  Now it looks like half of two of three brake lights don’t work, but I saw another Previa today with the exact same issue, which was both comforting and amusing.

I have a midterm on Tuesday, I’m behind on grading, I have a scholarship essay due tomorrow that I haven’t started, I haven’t done much research in over a week, and I’m taking the General GRE on Saturday.  But, all of that will be addressed in good time.  Inboxes are never empty.

For now, I am reveling in a weekend well spent, and I am going to get some sleep.  The whole rummage sale experience was almost as good as two days on staff at Camp Cross… it’s heartening to know that such experiences can exist anywhere you choose to create them.