Ahh, weekend!

Week 1 of school = survived.

I definitely have a lot on my plate this semester, but I’m really enjoying tackling all of it so far.  The logistics of the first week or two of classes is always a challenge.  Students are adding and dropping my lab course like crazy, and few of them can be bothered to read the part of the syllabus where it explains how to write and submit a lab writeup.  C’est la vie.  Once the bumps get ironed out, I’m excited to show another group of non-science folk how totally awesome the universe of astronomy can be.

This weekend, Mike’s parents are in town and he/they have a surprise weekend planned for me!  Given as I will officially be one year older on Sunday, this seems apt.  However, Secret #1 has already been revealed – a kayaking and snorkeling adventure tomorrow morning in La Jolla.  :)

It’s adventure time!  Pshaw, who needs grading and homework and research?  Fun weekend, here I come.


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    • You use lots and lots of analogies, and try to impress upon them how a few simple measurements and a bit of clever math can yield the circumference of the earth or the presence of dark matter in other galaxies. Hand gestures and colored chalk help too, I hope.

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