Happy August!

Ten Seven things that make August an interesting month…

  1. Anything you were supposed to be doing “for the summer” actually begins to happen
  2. You encounter U-Hauls everywhere you drive
  3. Everybody starts panicking about going back to school
  4. I always find a way to be at Camp Cross for Senior High
  5. Nobody knows exactly what happened since late May/early June, but it sure was fun
  6. Air Conditioning becomes a necessity rather than a luxury
  7. Flip flop tans appear most strongly

I ran out of ideas.

Anyhow, August aside, July was pretty spectacular.  Between Aunt Pam’s visit, Mike’s birthday, the epic Battlestar Galactica Concert, fun church-related stuff, Mike’s promotion at work, and two Mudd-related events, it was definitely a good time.  Maybe not so much for the bank account, but hey, Mike’s a real engineer now!

I would like to suggest that anybody going to Disneyland make plans to also visit California Adventure.  They’ve distilled the best parts of Disneyland into a somewhat less insane/stroller-overrun theme park.  They’ve got a fantastic roller coaster, a simulator-meets-IMAX-movie ride (yes!), Tower of Terror (which isn’t actually terrifying – Tower of Awesome is more like it – that is the longest I have ever felt weightless!), and a pretty snazzy Ferris Wheel.  Though for some reason their Space Shot-esque ride involves a thick layer of plastic between you and the outside… kind of lame.

A final thought: I would really like for somebody to invent the transporter already.  I have too many good friends in too many random places who I don’t get to see on a regular basis at all.  And while people are out inventing things, why not throw a non-autoflush water saving toilet in the mix?  Oh, those already exist?  Could’ve fooled me, every public bathroom in California.

Another final thought.  Nachos at Petco Park are way too hard to come by.  But maybe that was supposed to be for my own good, since I ate so many last night I felt sick afterwards?  Oops.


3 thoughts on “Happy August!

  1. At least Mike didn’t quit his job and then the two of you took a trip to Portugal. That’ll really hurt your bank account.

    Oh, and Europe is full of non-autoflush water saving toilets. They’re called waterless urinals, and they smell disgusting. (They’re non-autoflush, because techinically they don’t flush at all)

    • Heh, fair point. But Mike did quit his job and spent three weeks traveling around Europe (a large chunk of which was visiting me in Moscow) back in 2007. If we’re keeping score. :)

      And being female, I kind of automatically excluded urinals from my toilet rant, FYI…

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