Battlestar Galactica

Pardon me for saying so, but you haven’t lived until you’ve seen this show.  Unless you’re one of those weirdos who watched partway through season 1 and then stopped because you didn’t like any of the characters… who does that?

The only thing BETTER than the show?  The soundtrack.  Grace Park said that folks don’t really get excited over soundtracks to a television show… but this is different.  This is Bear McCreary and the Battlestar Galactica Orchestra.  A brief description, taken from their website:

[The score] for Battlestar Galactica honors, absorbs and transforms the traditions of classical, popular and cultural music from around the world.  Within his score, massive Japanese taiko ensembles struggle to overpower arsenals of Scottish bagpipes.  The wistful strains of erhu and duduk are set against string orchestra and rock band.  A lush piano sonata lulls one moment, a bluesy and distorted dobro energizes the next.  Armenian text is sung gently over images of bloodshed, while Indian-inspired melodies intertwine with heavy metal.

I had the distinct honor of attending their concert at the San Diego House of Blues this past Friday night.  It was a night I will never forget.  In addition to the most amazing music, which included a full string quartet(!) as well as the crazy medley of instruments mentioned above, several cast members were present!  I stood some ten or twenty feet from Edward James Olmos, Grace Park, James Callis, Richard Hatch, Michael Hogan, Michael Trucco, Nicki Clyne, and Michelle Forbes, as well as a couple of writer/producer types for the show.  WOW.  I would like to blatantly steal a quote to convey my experience:

There are some moments in our lives where we have an “I was there” moment. A moment that despite your best attempts to explain how you felt, what you perceived that others were feeling, […] and the fanfare of the activity, you still can’t convey how remarkable an experience it was that you just shared.

Yep.  And then, as if all that hadn’t been enough excitement, Mike and I headed off to Disneyland to celebrate his birthday on Saturday, met up with one of my good friend Jessica from high school in Santa Monica on Sunday, dragged her back to San Diego with us, and then I went with her to Seaworld today.  Phew!!

EDIT: Finally got the photos off my phone and onto facebook.  Check them out here.


5 thoughts on “Battlestar Galactica

    • Bian of course! It had been WAY too long. She is starting Med School at NYU in the fall and traveling everywhere beforehand.

  1. I can’t comment on the music from the rest of the show, because I don’t remember it very well, but I thought the intro music was the most boring music ever.

    You’ll be happy to know that I’m enjoying the HP series much more on the second read-through than on the first, though :)

  2. heh, I didn’t get into BSG either… watched a few episodes, didn’t feel like watching any more.

    Maybe it’s ’cause I started watching from the beginning. Both tv shows that I got into (Firefly, Dr. Who) I started watching from the middle.

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