Artificiality… and catnip mice

I wish I had written this… but I didn’t.  Still, you should read it.  Really.

Otherwise, the latest update I have for you is of the form “What did I find under the oven today?”

  1. New mouse toy
  2. Two old mouse toys
  3. Bottle of sunscreen (?!)
  4. Wine cork

Oh kittenzas, you never cease to amuse me!

This weekend happens to include Mike’s birthday, and I have some very fun stuff planned for us.  Friday night is a surprise, but then we’re headed to Disneyland (free on your birthday!) and Santa Monica on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.  A good friend from high school who I haven’t seen in far too long is joining us on Sunday and coming down to San Diego that night for some 24 hours, during which we will hit up Seaworld.

Perhaps I should also mention… Mike got promoted to Energy Engineer at CCSE!  So now he gets to be a “real engineer” instead of just a program assistant.  Plus he gets this Friday off, just for the heck of it.  (New position officially starts Monday.)  Too bad Comic Con tickets are long gone.

I am uncertain how July is happening so quickly, but it sure is fun!