I would like to share something deeply profound with you all today.


Especially when you do not have air conditioning, save a portable unit in the bedroom, and your vehicle’s a/c is rather useless for cooling the interior more than ~10 degrees, and that’s before the solar gain.

I would like to counter, however, that too many people overuse air conditioning.  I believe that when it is hot outside, it should be warm inside, whereas when it is cold outside, it should be cool inside.  Then you can dress for the weather (i.e., shorts and a tank top in summer or long pants and a sweater in winter) and not freeze OR roast indoors.  Plus, you save energy.

This win-win scenario seems to be beyond most people in America.  Maybe our buildings need to have more windows, so that people are more easily acquainted with the present weather conditions.  When you’re stuck inside an over-air-conditioned windowless office, it’s easy to forget it’s 95 degrees outside.  I think we could all do to connect a little more with our natural surroundings.

Don’t get me wrong, I still fully support air conditioning.  Just keep it reasonable.  Be one with the seasons.  (I know, I know, San Diego doesn’t have seasons… just pretend.)  Eat some ice cream.  Whatever.