Aunt Pam came for the long weekend and we had a grand time.  Though it really strikes me as odd that the most quintessentially American things we did were:

  1. Watch everybody sit in traffic to and from a fireworks show
  2. Eat obscene amounts of tasty food at various restaurants
  3. Spend a significant chunk of time and money in two malls

Nevertheless, it was fun.  Even the part where we watched people sit in traffic – because we had the good sense to walk and take the trolley.  Of course, SDMTS didn’t think it would be necessary to add any extra trolleys onto their regular Saturday service.  As a result, I was reminded very much of cramming on to the Metro in Moscow… with perhaps a bit less pushing, and many more Americana hats and streamers.

The fireworks themselves were all right, but I was jaded after being so close to the awesome show a week prior.  There were four barges in the bay doing the exact same set of fireworks synchronously, and about a bazillion people determined to drive their car, park, watch, and drive their car again.

On Friday, we went to Ikea (because Pam was seriously gung-ho about taking us to Ikea) and had the good sense to buy some super discounted under-the-bed drawers.  Except for the part where they don’t fit under our bed.  It only has a 6″ clearance.  So, after spending $30 on a pair of wooden drawers, we spent $20 on for bed risers, and had to spend at least $5 more to get free shipping and thus justified the $30 purchase of Boom Blox Bash Party.  Pam brought the game with her and now we’re addicted.  Hopefully soon we can put the under-the-bed drawers under the bed?

Saturday was the 4th and we slept in and played games (Settlers!) and ate food, then ventured out on the trolley via obscene amounts of tasty Mexican food in Old Town into the aforementioned madness that evening.

On Sunday, we went to church, and of course we got there late because if one Linwood is usually late then you don’t stand a chance with two.  After a leisurely brunch, we went home and remembered how hot it gets in the house, so decided to go see a movie in an air conditioned theater.  Pam suggested “Away We Go,” which sounded fun, but it was only playing in four theaters, so we headed downtown and braved the horrendous Horton Plaza parking garage of doom.  We only left and snuck back in once.  The movie was awesome.  Go see it.  Now.  Then we wandered into a clothing store Pam had heard of (unlike me) that had everything 60-70% off and she bought me clothes.  Win!  Finally we went over to Seaport Village and had dinner at the Pier Cafe, which was very fun.

Yesterday (Monday), Mike went off to some silly job thing (working?  whaa?)  and Pam and I hung around the house lazily.  We ventured off to the Fashion Valley mall after reclaiming the car at lunchtime and stared in awe/disgust at $875 shoes and $250 shirts.  We only came home with one (significantly less expensive) shirt each.  We then hit up Target, got some takeout Thai food, played Ticket to Ride Europe, and crashed.

Now I’m supposed to head to school and do useful research-related things.  Don’t worry, though, I’m ditching on Friday to head up to Anaheim and poke my head in at the Episcopal Church’s General Convention and visit a handful of friends from camp.  Good stuff.