You had to be there

Sometimes Mike will say very funny things that nobody but he or I would ever understand, much less find amusing. We call them unquotables.  Here is a less-obscure-than-normal example, in reference to a recent APOD of the sun:

“It looks like a ball!”
“Well, it is a ball of gas.”
“No, like a nerf ball.”

Okay, so maybe you had to be there.

You also had to be there on Tuesday night, when I dominated the Harry Potter trivia category at Woodstock Pizza’s trivia night.  Our astrograd-based team, the Unicorn Holes, took fourth place (of about fifteen), mostly because (a) we are awesome and (b) nobody knew very much about sports in the last two rounds.

This, in turn, made me miss Camp Cross, because for the last several years I have been espousing HP trivia questions as the jailkeeper in camp-wide games of the aptly named “Quidditch.”  Campers get tagged and sent to jail, and I set them free if they can answer a trivia question.  It requires coming up with a lot of good questions on the spot for folks with various levels of knowledge about HP, and it is one of the most fun and engaging things I’ve ever done.

Luckily, I get to return to camp for a short visit next weekend!  Sadly it will be too cold to swim in the lake, but I may try anyway.  Anyone who’s ever been to Camp Cross should come too, because it’s the Alumni Reunion Weekend (not too late to register!) and it is going to be awesome.  People sometimes wonder why I get so excited about a church camp in the middle of nowhere in Idaho.  If they’ve been to another summer camp, they may have an inkling.  But the best explanation I can offer is an invitation to come and see… because most of the time, you have to have been there.